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Funded Child CarePrioritizing accessibility and affordability.

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Child care is often the second largest household expense after rent or mortgage. found 62% of American parents have a hard time finding and affording high-quality child care.

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Care Within Reach—and Within Budget

Times have changed. As an employer, you know this all too well. Whether you are facing a new hybrid workforce, or on a mission to attract and retain top talent, we’re here to work with you.

Supporting your working families just makes sense. When you look out for your team members, they provide their best to you.

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We’ve Got You Covered

LCG’s network of 1,050+ schools across 39 states and Washington, D.C., is set up to serve regional and national employers. Our national scale allows us to bring solutions to your clients:

  • High-quality schools
  • Top experts in Operations, Health and Safety, Education, Technology, and more
  • Boutique approach to customer service
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Help With the Cost of Care

Our Funded Child Care Solution is designed to scale to your organization’s needs, so you can provide child care funding for your employees. Here’s how it works:

  • Minimum 10% off tuition for all ages at 1,050+ schools nationwide
  • Initial enrollment registration fee waived (saving families up to $150)

Get access to several preferred pricing models based on your specific needs—the more employees you cover, the larger your cost savings. Comprehensive research and market analysis enable us to match you with nearby schools and create a solution within your budget.

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Ensure Availability and Access

Because we own and operate all 1,050+ of our community schools, we can offer prepaid tuition options. Employers who want to offer more assistance or simply make sure that their workforce has reserved enrollment spaces can hold a specific number of spaces in one or more of our centers.

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Funded Child Care in Action

Our client has 12,000 employees and wants to cover 10% of their child care costs. We determined about 105 employees will likely take advantage of the benefit; however, it only takes six enrollments for our client to recoup their annual program fee of $10,000. All additional children receive the 10% discount at no further cost to the company.

After the first year, our client could boost the program to cover up to 50% of tuition. LCG covers the initial 10%, with the client paying the additional 40% on a monthly basis, only for those using the benefit.

Reducing stress and lowering costs around child care pays dividends across the board. Working parents remain productive and focused, benefiting their fellow employees and your entire organization.

Custom Solutions for Hybrid Teams

Sometimes, child care needs vary across an organization. In a combined solution, our community schools would supplement an onsite center, offering a consistent experience for your employees.

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