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Pathways Learning Academy

Pathways Learning AcademyOur latest offering is a STEAM-inspired preschool that offers a 21st century learning journey, in partnership with community organizations, ministries, and nonprofit organizations. This is an education grounded in nurturing care, experienced teachers, and quality curriculum. 

Through STEAM, we provide hands-on learning experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math, to help children develop the skills and attributes to navigate the world around them.

Our partnership model enables nonprofits to maximize use of their own facilities throughout the week and to generate incremental, long-term revenue back to their organization. This is also an opportunity to foster and build relationships within your community to further enhance your mission. In addition, for faith-based partnerships, there could be opportunities for faith experiences. Schools are operated by Learning Care Group, a true partner for a successful early education and child care experience.

We have a large network of support roles and resources to maintain the highest quality standards for our school and to ensure a rewarding, long-term partnership with your organization. With a strong organization and a variety of resources at your disposal, we ensure ongoing operational success at your Pathways Learning Academy location. These teams include:

  • Human Resources: The HR department is in place to ensure adequate staffing of the school based on local licensing requirements, along with management of the employees’ performance and benefit plans.
  • Finance: All billing for the school will be run through our Finance department to ensure clarity and concise reporting.
  • Operations: Each market has an assigned field operations team that is in place to offer support with day-to-day management of the school, along with long-term growth goals.
  • Marketing: We offer both corporate and field support to market your school to the community and to ensure your school maximizes total enrollments.
  • Account Management: This team will be the point of contact for financial reporting, as well as ensuring all contractual obligations are met. They will also assist with any questions or concerns regarding school operations, such as licensing, legal, and HR items.

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