Teacher engaged in a classroom activity

Creating Engaging Classrooms Hands-on experiences for curious minds.

Empowering Our Students

Did you know children are natural-born scientists and engineers? It’s true.

Their endless curiosity is the engine that powers our comprehensive learning experiences. We strive to match that spirit by making every classroom an inviting, inclusive, inspiring space to support growth and development.

As one of the earliest providers to prioritize education in the early childhood setting, we’re proud to have spent years strengthening all our curriculum offerings (infants included).

With us, the learning journey starts early—and strong. Of course, different children have different needs and ways of learning. That’s why our nationwide network of schools offers families options to find the right fit for their child.

A teacher working with a group of students at a table in the classroom

Unique Educational Approaches

Across our 11 brands, we subscribe to research-based philosophical approaches to early learning. Using an inquiry approach, teachers facilitate active, engaging learning experiences for children to be curious and embrace discovery. We also have authentic Montessori experiences, which take learning in fascinating directions. No two children are alike and so our programs offer options to meet each child’s unique learning needs.

A young girl working on her iPad

Thoughtful About Technology

Over time, we have enhanced our educational offerings with the use of age-appropriate technology and experiences. Throughout the classroom, technology opportunities for children may include:

  • Touch-screen tablets for interactive learning
  • Early computer coding activities
  • Robotics materials and experiences
Kids working on iPads at a table

Sparking New Ideas

In some classrooms, a Technology Learning Center sits alongside traditional learning stations focused on science, math, and language, providing hands-on activities that to engage children’s brains in new and exciting ways, to harness and explore their personal sense of innovation.

Three baby girls sitting on the carpet in the Infant classroom

Our Littlest Learners

LCG has also rethought its entire approach to infant classrooms, embracing the theory of the least restrictive environment, utilizing toys and materials that enable freedom of movement within safe boundaries. Our exclusive Learn from the Start Infants™ program puts everything teachers need at their fingertips so they can stay by each baby’s side.

Materials appeal to all five senses and encourage optimal physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. We’ve replaced items that may restrict movement to keep infants involved, stimulated, and learning. This practice has been implemented in all our schools and we remain the only major provider to design the infant classroom space in this way.

Learning In Progress

Of course, technology also means safety, and so cameras in every classroom stream live video, ensuring parents peace of mind throughout the day. And it’s just one major feature of our SproutAbout® communications app.