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Creating Innovative Solutions Always forward thinking.

Times change. So do the needs of children, families, and staff.

We’re always looking ahead to make sure we remain at the forefront of delivering a meaningful experience to children, families, and team members. Investing in technology to transform the early childhood experience drives our organization forward.

Our commitment to innovation powers many of our education and communication efforts, and leads to a positive integration of technology into early education and child care. Initiatives are designed to make life simpler for educators and families, bringing them closer together, because our true business is human connection.

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Transparency and connection power our exclusive SproutAbout app. Built by us and designed with input and insights from our actual families and staff members, this robust all-in-one family communications app is transformative for families and educators alike. SproutAbout delivers an unprecedented digital experience, rooted in our more than 50 years of early childhood expertise. Explore SproutAbout.

Smart phone with screen showing live streaming video of a classroom

Live Streaming Video

Connecting with families also means giving them a window into their child’s day. As the only national provider to have placed cameras in every classroom—and the first to offer live streaming video access to enrolled families—we utilize this technology to warmly embrace families so they feel comfortable, informed, engaged, and connected with their child throughout the day.
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Encouraging Positive Behavior

Research shows 98% of challenging behaviors in early childhood are age appropriate. Because young children have not yet fully developed the social and emotional skills to effectively communicate, some behavior may be perceived as challenging or inappropriate. That’s why we guide our educators to become Positive Behavior Coaches!

Our comprehensive approach offers educators access to a variety of resources and tools to help promote positive skills in the classroom. This includes our proprietary myPath app which features more than 1,000 strategies (based on current research) to help turn challenging behaviors into learning opportunities—a proactive approach in a positive environment.

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Delivering Customized Curriculum

With our proprietary digital lesson planning tool, Learning Care System™ (LCS), designed in partnership with Assessment Technology, Inc. (ATI), a leading provider of assessment, curriculum, and reporting services, our educators are empowered to generate customized curriculum for each child, building personal learning experiences.

Since no two children are the same, you’ll find that no two classrooms are alike.

Check out more ways we’re delivering innovation in our classrooms.

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Communicating With Families

LCG ensures our school staff is enabled to provide a positive communication experience. Our proprietary CRM system was built in house, designed specifically to meet the needs of the child care industry, from touring to enrollment to acquisitions, creating a seamless communication process for the journey from prospective to enrolled family—and beyond.