Learning Care Group News: October 16, 2023

Fall Teacher In-Service Day 2023

Our company-wide Teacher In-Service Days are an important aspect of the care and education we provide to children and their families. Using comprehensive training, tools, and instruction, we aim to further enhance employees’ knowledge and capabilities, while emphasizing safety and security, classroom technology, and educational strategies.

Our 2023 Fall Teacher In-Service Day gave staff the opportunity to learn new skills and walk away with extra support, inspiration, and resources to help make each child’s experience a meaningful one.

Over the next few months, our community of Learning Care Group (LCG) families will see the following key takeaways being implemented at their child's school.

The Power of Purposeful Routines

Teachers learned to demonstrate quality Purposeful Routines in the classroom by: ​

  • Implementing structured, yet flexible schedules ​
  • Providing predictable, consistent routines
  • Ensuring transitions are planned and structured

Encourage and Achieve: Navigating High-Risk Moments

Teachers learned to demonstrate behaviors that reduce primary risks and keep children safe during high-risk moments of the day: such as mealtimes, transitions, and naptime.​ Creating habit strength helps to decrease potential problems. Educators received great tips on:

  • Stopping to shift their mindset, consider risks, and focus on safe behaviors ​
  • Speaking up if they see something unsafe ​
  • Role modeling and demonstrating safe behaviors​
  • Recognizing others for demonstrating safe behaviors

Growing Warm Family Relationships

Teachers learned to demonstrate behaviors that help to grow relationships through the Five Rs:​

  • Relationships​
  • Respect​
  • Reassurance and Responsiveness​
  • Reciprocity​
  • Reflection

Certified Master Teacher Class

Master Teachers will focus on creating a strong coaching culture in their schools by:

  • Identifying their own “Glows and Grows” and sharing them with other teachers​
  • Supporting teachers in identifying strengths and reflecting on their teaching practice ​
  • Coaching and mentoring teachers to make an impact through purposeful routines

Stop & Shift Keynote Message

As an added infusion of inspiration and support for the personal well-being of teachers, Learning Care Group invited keynote speaker and growth mindset expert, Karen M. Allen, to share her experiences and insight.

 Allen’s new book, Stop & Shift: The Mindset Reset That Changes Everything, explains the benefits of harnessing a simple technique to reframe experiences in a way that feels positive and productive. Read more about Allen’s life, message, and approach here.

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