Learning Care Group News: September 21, 2023

Mindset Expert Karen M. Allen Empowers LCG Educators

Facing a challenging moment? Tough day? Difficult season? We’ve all been there!

The outcome of each situation is often shaped by our mindset and ability to remain patient, strong, compassionate, and focused on the positive.

Thought leader Karen M. Allen knows all about life’s ups and downs. The tragic, unexpected loss of her husband forced her to face a reality she never saw coming. Widowed at the age of 29 with a 2-year-old son to raise. The grief crippled her. In time, the kindness she felt while navigating the devastation also empowered her to make a life-changing choice.

“The smallest gesture can make an enormous impact on someone’s life. And it was moments of impact like these that made me want to help others the way that others helped me. It made me want to show love to others the way they showed love to me. And that’s when I decided I was going to take my pain and (…) turn it into purpose and pay it forward. And now my passion goes hand-in-hand with my life’s work.”

Allen shared that sentiment during a moving 2017 TEDx Talk in Orlando that now has nearly 21,000 online views. The speech came three years after beginning her loss-inspired journey to study the human mind, positive psychology, and post-traumatic growth.

Driven by her experience and learnings, Allen founded the 100% Human community and became a celebrated mindset expert and published author. Her 2022 book, Stop & Shift: The Mindset Reset That Changes Everything, is an in-depth look at a brain-training technique she created to help others embrace the good, even when it’s tough. Allen will teach the exercise to Learning Care Group’s 20k+ educators during the company’s Teacher In-Service Day (TISD) in October 2023.

“Stress and setbacks make it tough to keep your head in the game. When the pressure is on, you need a go-to tool that can help you rise to all of life’s challenges,” Allen says. “A growth mindset can help you become your best self while bringing out the best in others.”

With 1,070+ schools across the country and 156k+ children, curve balls are inevitable. By learning Allen’s Stop & Shift approach, LCG hopes its employees feel supported, resilient, and ready to rise above.

Most LCG teachers choose a career in early education to guide young children in their learning and growth and to make a positive impact. The goal of this fall’s TISD is to make sure teachers know their deep value and worth as curators of a brighter future while encouraging them to prioritize their own mental health.

Allen’s story and Stop & Shift method aligns nicely with our event theme: The Power of We: Grow. Share. Encourage. Achieve. As passionate educators, we are stronger together, especially when each member of the team has the resilience to make productive choices, overcome negative influences, and cultivate joy.  

“Your mindset is the lens through which you see life. It’s the foundation of who you are, how you live, and how you treat others, and because of this, your mindset is your greatest asset,” Allen shares.

The happiness and well-being of our teachers has a profound impact on the experiences of every student, family, and school community we serve. An investment well worth it.

To learn more about Karen M. Allen, connect with her 100% Human community, or invest in her growth mindset solutions, check out the following list of resources: