Share in Summer Fun
A whole season of wonder.

Powered by Imagination and Discovery

We’ve designed a summer camp experience that is bigger and better than ever. Programs and activities are designed for three distinct age groups: toddlers, preschoolers, and school-agers.

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Wonder Weeks

Led by camp guides who are trained educators (and experts in fun), each week of the program features unique activities, projects, games, and adventures built around themes including:

  • Water
  • Storytelling
  • Nature
  • Sound
  • Invention
  • And more!        

There’s also tons of outdoor playtime, as well as weekly field trip opportunities for school-age campers (up to age 12). Not to mention, lots of laughter and smiles with awesome friends.

Safety is always our top priority.

Our experienced team is trained in rigorous health and safety protocols to ensure your child is always safe, secure, and happy. 

Frequent field trips.

Our classrooms have lots to explore—but so does the community! Big kids take weekly field trips, sometimes more! And we bring interactive experiences right to the school for younger campers.

We promote healthy habits.

Our Grow Fit® program is at play, every day, to help little ones build healthy habits. That means well-balanced meals and snacks, plenty of physical activity, and limited screen time. 

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