Learning Care Group News: December 10th, 2010

The Children’s Courtyard of Carrollton Announces Implementation of Hatch® TeachSmart® and iStartSmartTM Educational Technology

CARROLLTON, Texas, August 24, 2010 – The Children’s Courtyard of Carrollton has partnered with Hatch® to install TeachSmart® and iStartSmartTM Learning Systems in its pre-kindergarten classroom that will serve as a showcase for cutting edge early childhood technology.

Media are invited to attend a demonstration of the new technologies by Hatch representatives during the schools Grand Opening Celebration, September 18th from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the school, located at 2525 E. Trinity Mills Rd.

The Children’s Courtyard will be one of the first early education and child care centers in Texas to implement the iStartSmartTM All-in-One Computer Learning System, which develops children’s competency in 18 skill development areas known to predict success in kindergarten before automatically moving to the next skill area or level. The program provides automated performance reports that allow teachers to monitor both overall classroom progress and individual child progress in each skill area.

The TeachSmart® Learning System is the first comprehensive interactive whiteboard software package developed specifically for early childhood and the only pre-kindergarten educational software accredited by SMARTTM Technologies at the highest Select Level. Over 1,100 exclusive, customized and scaffolded activities reflect the latest scientific research for pre-literacy and mathematics concept acquisition in young children. The TSLS also provides powerful features for teachers such as digital portfolios.

The Children’s Courtyard is excited to implement a system that is designed to support educators in providing an interactive learning environment, leveraging the latest technology and research-based learning materials.

“One of the most exciting enhancements is that families enrolled at The Children’s Courtyard will have the opportunity to be engaged in their child’s progress through digital portfolios and progress reports that record a child’s development and can be maintained for teacher assessment and sharing,” said Sherri Bobbitt, field marketing manager for The Children’s Courtyard.

“Hatch is excited to be working with The Children’s Courtyard to implement interactive, groundbreaking technology in a real-time classroom environment,” said Ginny Norton, Hatch President. “Both the iStartSmartTM and TeachSmart® Learning Systems are designed to increase school readiness skills and allow administrators to maximize their technology return on investment in early education.”

About The Children’s Courtyard:

Founded in Arlington, Texas in 1986, The Children’s Courtyard operates over 60 early education and child care locations in the Austin, Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth areas. With programs for infants through school-agers, The Children’s Courtyard offers exciting and educational learning experiences through active exploration and discovery. Its innovative Lab Schools train and develop staff ensuring that each teacher helps promote a lifetime love of learning. For more information, please call Customer Support at (877) 892-4453 or visit www.childrenscourtyard.com.

About Hatch:

Hatch® believes in supporting educators while developing young minds. Founded in 1984, Hatch® has become the nation’s leading provider of appropriate technology in early childhood classrooms and markets a full line of developmentally-appropriate early childhood products. Hatch® is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service, support and training. Hatch® collaborates with award-winning experts and educators to develop an extensive line of its own exclusive and proprietary brand products such as the new iStartSmartTM educational learning system, TeachSmart® Learning System, Creative Diversity®, discover Science!®, Fit 4 You®, Instant Classroom and Computers For Kids®. For additional information on Hatch visit www.hathearlychildhood.com or call 1-800-264- 7968.


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