Learning Care Group News: March 15, 2023

Supporting Our Teachers

Our company-wide, bi-annual Teacher In-Service Day (TISD) is an important aspect of the care we provide, and the early education promise we deliver. We believe it’s important to invest in comprehensive training, tools, and instruction so our teachers feel just as supported in their professional development journey as the families they serve. Each TISD further enhances the knowledge and capabilities of our school teams while focusing on safety and security, classroom technology, and educational strategies.

Capable. Caring. Committed.

This year's Winter TISD gave Learning Care Group staff the opportunity to learn new skills, elevate family communication, and understand the importance of emotionally supportive relationships and positive interactions. Here are the key behaviors discussed:

The Power of Emotionally Supportive Relationships: Recognize when a child is trying to communicate through their behavior and work to understand their needs by:

  • Using the Respond, Reframe, Reinforce approach
  • Getting to know each child on a personal level
  • Interacting with respect, enthusiasm, and passion

Enhance Learning Through Positive Interactions: Turn everyday situations into powerful opportunities to learn by:

  • Being present in the moment and focused on that individual child
  • Use tips for connecting with each child to get to know them as individuals
  • Using strategies to extend individual children’s learning

Elevate Family Communication via SproutAbout®: Increase the quality of messages and updates sent to families through our exclusive app by:

  • Including educational tags
  • Sending photos with children’s faces visible
  • Sending lesson plan updates on Friday before the start of the upcoming week
  • Use Family Sentiment and the 5 As of Service Recovery as a tool to retain families

Certified Master Teacher Master Class: Create a strong coaching culture in schools by:

  • Developing trust
  • Connecting
  • Giving feedback

 Over the next few months, families within our community of Learning Care Group schools will see each of these key takeaways at work throughout their child's day to deliver quality care and a meaningful early education experience.