Learning Care Group News: August 8, 2016

New STEM Curriculum at La Petite Academy – A Catalyst for Future Breakthrough Thinking

LPA STEMNOVI, Mich., Aug. 8, 2016 – Starting this fall, children at La Petite Academy will hone their critical thinking and collaborative skills through a new curriculum that maximizes their abilities as natural-born scientists and engineers. The proprietary Early Innovator program for preschool and Pre-K students follows a STEM approach – where science, technology, engineering and math are incorporated into all aspects of the learning experience.

“Our children’s ability to thrive as tomorrow’s problem solvers and our country’s competitiveness in the global economy will both be determined by proficiency in the STEM disciplines,” said Dr. Susan Canizares, Chief Academic Officer, La Petite Academy. “The STEM fields are deeply linked to the real world and to how children learn most effectively. By nurturing their natural interest in STEM concepts during the critical formative years, we’re unlocking our children’s potential for success as our future innovators and leaders.”

Connecting Diverse Concepts Promotes Greater Understanding
Research shows the brain is extremely receptive to learning math and logic between ages 1 and 4. Early math skills have been associated with later learning abilities, including literacy skills. By integrating STEM concepts and activities throughout the classroom, La Petite Academy is enabling children to build connections among these diverse skills. The approach encourages hands-on, collaborative learning experiences in which children share discoveries and collaborate on solutions using a variety of tools, materials and discussions.

La Petite Academy provides a customized learning experience for each child as a foundation for future academic success. Parents can be assured their child’s learning goals are being met, thanks to an exclusive data-driven process that links individualized observation with assessment and lesson planning.

The STEM-inspired Early Innovator curriculum for Preschool and Pre-K students is supported with Learning Care System (LCS), a proprietary digital lesson planning tool. Leveraging data on each child’s progress, teachers are able to customize the curriculum to meet the specific developmental needs and interests for individual children to ensure school readiness. Each lesson plan is unique, because every child is unique. For more information, visit www.lapetite.com


About La Petite Academy
La Petite Academy is a leader in early childhood education, with nearly 450 schools throughout the United States. Headquartered in Novi, Mich., it is part of the Learning Care Group portfolio of schools offering early education and care to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. La Petite Academy provides engaging learning experiences through active exploration and discovery. Its proprietary School Readiness Pathway supports the development of the academic and social skills needed for a smooth transition to elementary school. For more information, please call (844) 250-9993 or visit www.lapetite.com

Lydia Cisaruk – Director of Communications, Learning Care Group
248-697-9140; lcisaruk@lapetite.com