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Local Tutor Time Schools Offer Montessori Classroom, Expand Choices for Parents

Algonquin and Lake Zurich, Ill., Oct. 13, 2011 — Deciding which preschool program is best for your child is not easy. Now, local families with children ages 3-6 have more reason than ever to select Tutor Time as their early education and care provider. As an alternative to their patented LifeSmart™ curriculum, Tutor Time in Algonquin and Lake Zurich are now offering the Montessori curriculum — a sensory-based, self-directed learning approach designed to address the developmental needs of children as individuals and help them develop at their own pace.

Two Outstanding Teaching Philosophies — Choose the One That’s Right For You

Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 20th century, the Montessori philosophy has been adapted all over the world. Unlike traditional same-age groupings in other classrooms, the Montessori approach features a unique social curriculum for ages 3-6, based on real-life situations to help children succeed. The program involves children exploring scientifically designed lessons, guided one-on-one by the teacher. Older students often help their younger peers in the journey of discovery.

Both of these Tutor Time locations feature a Montessori classroom designed to promote self-direction and self-discipline. This approach enables children to develop knowledge through exploration and observation, following their own interests at their own pace. It encompasses practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, geography, science, music and art. While the Montessori program is different from Tutor Time’s LifeSmart™ curriculum, they share key similarities:

  • They begin with a deep respect for children as individuals.
  • Both seek to build warm and supportive communities of students, teachers and families.
  • Children learn abstract concepts through hands-on, meaningful experiences – not through workbooks.
  • Both approaches encourage children to learn from each other.
  • Both curricula are supported by materials that help children develop problem-solving skills, observation strategies, social competence and many other abilities.

“Every child is unique. As educators, we want to help you select the best program for your child,” said Lisa Miskimins, Divisional Vice President, Tutor Time. “Come visit to see how we bring these different teaching philosophies to life – and to find out which experience is right for your family.”

Local families are invited to call either school using the information below to learn more. A certified Montessori teacher is available tell you more about the Montessori curriculum and to answer your questions.

Lake Zurich

759 South Rand Road, Lake Zurich, 60047

For more info, call: (847) 719-2268


2420 Harnish Drive, Algonquin, 60102

For more info, call: (847) 658-8433

About Tutor Time Child Care / Learning Centers

Established in 1988 in Boca Raton, Florida, Tutor Time has more than 200 corporate and franchise child care schools throughout the United States, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Portugal. Its proprietary LifeSmart™ curriculum and age specific classrooms, play spaces and personal spaces foster children’s self esteem and develop their love of learning. For more information, please call Customer Support at (888) 678-4631 or visit www.tutortime.com.

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