Learning Care Group News: August 17, 2015

Learning Care Group Prepares Families for Back-to-School Season and Future Academic Success

NOVI, Mich., August 17, 2015 – With the back-to-school season under way, Learning Care Group is helping parents set the path to success with a personalized program for their infants, school-agers, and all the stages in between.

Families enrolling in the company’s Childtime, Children’s Courtyard, La Petite Academy and Tutor Time schools can be confident that their young children will be academically and emotionally prepared for elementary school. At nearly 900 locations nationwide, a proprietary School Readiness Pathway offers a clear roadmap to ensure appropriate learning and development, beginning in infancy.  For children ages 5-12, Learning Care Group’s exclusive My Best Self program — new this fall — provides a fun and educational start and finish to each day.

“Parents are looking for a personalized early learning experience that will provide a foundation for their child’s academic success in kindergarten and throughout the school years,” said Barbara Beck, Chief Executive Officer, Learning Care Group. “We’re empowering families with educational options to create the most fitting learning path for their child at every age.”

Mapping Each Child’s Unique Early Learning Journey 

Throughout the Learning Care Group portfolio, students benefit from ongoing observation, assessment and customized lesson planning to meet their individual needs.

“Our School Readiness Pathway is supported by a solid research base that aligns children’s developmental indicators to school-readiness outcomes,” said Dr. Susan Canizares, Chief Academic Officer, Learning Care Group. “As we continually assess each child’s progress in meeting objectives, parents can be assured that appropriate learning goals will be met every step of the way.”

  • Infants, Toddlers, and 2’s:  The comprehensive Learn from the Start program maximizes the extraordinary learning potential during a child’s earliest years when language skills, social understanding and abstract thinking are growing exponentially.
  • Early Preschool:  New this fall, Learn as We Grow prepares 2’s, 3’s and in-betweens for Preschool.  It emphasizes self-regulation, critical thinking and collaboration.
  • Preschool and Pre-K:  Featuring Focus on Literacy! and Focus on Math!, the curriculum builds pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math skills, as well as developing problem-solving, social and collaborative skills.
    • Kindergarten Prep is designed to help children beginning kindergarten immediately after Pre-K in the fall. It introduces kindergarten-level concepts and experiences, providing extra reading and math along with handwriting.

For children who have already completed Pre-K:

  • Junior Kindergarten focuses on developing critical learning skills: sustaining attention, following multi-step instructions, controlling impulses, communicating effectively and learning multiple ways to solve problems using different perspectives.
  • Private Kindergarten is available at select schools as a whole-day program for children who meet their state’s kindergarten age requirement. It features smaller class size and more individual attention, offering an alternative to public kindergarten. Students are prepared to enter first grade the following year.

A Great Start and Finish to Every School Day

Learning Care Group’s new My Best Self program for school-age students focuses on goal-setting and reflection, complemented by homework support, team-building opportunities and physical activity.  It includes five clubs that offer an engaging experience for all students while providing order and structure to their mornings and afternoons.

Before school:   Kick-Off Club sets up productive school days through an effective morning routine that helps students define their daily goals.

After school:

  • Challenge Club promotes collaboration and self-reflection with student-led activities and team-building games.
  • Grow Fit Club keeps students fit and healthy, with physical challenges and team activities.
  • Homework Club encourages organization, responsibility and self-awareness.
  • Community Club features long-term projects developed by students around issues that are important to them.

For more information, please visit:  www.childtime.com , www.childrenscourtyard.com , www.lapetite.com and www.tutortime.com