Learning Care Group News: January 7, 2022

LCG’s Partners with Northview Church on New Onsite Child Care Center




Our team partnered with Northview Church to solve a unique challenge—creating a space that was flexible enough to serve two very distinct functions—a Sunday school wing on the weekends, and a high-quality licensed child care center during the week.

One of our main goals was for the school to feel like a natural continuation of their church building. We developed the classroom space with the functionality to transform seamlessly from one model to the other, with careful attention to the translation from a religious use to a secular program that is open for enrollment to the public.

Millwork, color palates, and material finishes were coordinated to match the look and feel of their newly modernized gathering halls and sanctuary. In each step of the design process, LCG’s in-house construction and creative teams provided Northview Church with several options and price points to achieve their desired outcome within a controlled budget.