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La Petite Academy Offers Tips for Stress-Free Holidays with Your Children

NOVI, Mich., November 16, 2010 – Every year, La Petite Academy – a leader in early education and child care with more than 500 schools across the country – hears suggestions for surviving the holidays from our thousands of families and teachers. Here are five practical tips from our “experts” on how to get through the hustle and bustle of the season with your children and family … stress free!

1. During the holidays, many families have a number of places to visit – perhaps it is going to see grandma and grandpa in another state, or stopping by your siblings and in-laws all in the same day. These unusual schedules, and sometimes unfamiliar faces, are sure to cause some added stress to your child

Pack a bag of favorite toys to have on hand, be prepared to escape with your child to a quiet room for a little one-on-one time, and have snacks ready for when the big holiday dinner is just not “appetizing” enough for your little one. By preparing ahead for what your child may need, you are setting him or her (and you) up for success.

2. Find time during the holiday season to read with your child … you can make it an annual tradition. Maybe you remember a favorite book that your parents read to you during this time of year? Your child will love the quality time together and it is a great way for both of you to decompress after a long day. And, it’s a great way to keep your child learning, even though they are out of school for holiday break!

3. Every where you look, you are likely to find lots of food to overindulge on … from cookies to large dinners … the temptations are every where. Remember to always have healthy choices available for your family to help avoid the stomach upset that is sure to occur. Encourage your child to snack on fresh fruits and vegetables instead of candy whenever possible.

4. Families are especially busy this time of year, but always take time to think about safety. If you have a real tree, be sure to water it every day. Check your holiday decorations to ensure they aren’t a choking hazard. Blow out candles. Turn pot handles inward when cooking to avoid being grabbed by children. Test your smoke alarm. These few simple steps will go along way in ensuring not only a stress free holiday – but a safe one!

5. Make time to laugh. In the face of laughter, stress doesn’t stand a chance.

“At La Petite Academy, we connect with parents and children every day and understand the challenges that face today’s families – especially over the holidays,” said Stacy DeWalt, Chief Marketing Officer. “We are happy to share tips that we hope will make the season special and more rewarding for everyone.”

If you have suggestions of your own, La Petite Academy would love to hear them. Please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LaPetiteAcademy to share your great ideas. Wishing you a safe, stress-free holiday season!

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