Learning Care Group News: May 18, 2022

Kudos to LCG’s Mentorship Award Winners

Three inspirational Learning Care Group employees have earned applause as the recipients of the company’s highly coveted Lisa Miskimins Mentorship Award for 2022:  Jennifer Bradford, Felicia Montoya, and Courtnee Stockman.

This mentorship award was established in the name of Lisa Miskimins, Senior Vice President of Field Operations – an outstanding leader and advisor to many in the early childhood education industry.  With this distinction, each year, the company honors an individual who shows remarkable leadership attributes and an ability to guide others to perform at their best. This year for the first time, several employees share this top honor for their remarkable contributions.

Jennifer Bradford

LMM_ Jennifer BradfordJennifer Bradford, who teaches the Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) class at Tutor Time #6041 in Jacksonville, FL, utilizes her expertise as a Certified Master Teacher to mentor new and tenured teachers alike. Ms. Jennifer is a positive and energetic motivational force throughout her school, consistently going above and beyond her regular duties to support her teammates. She devotes time weekly to ensure effective curriculum implementation in each class, providing coaching and helpful feedback for her peers to assist in their professional development. Walk into any classroom in the school, and you’ll see the results in the high-quality teacher-child interactions, engaging classroom environment and creative Displays of Learning (DOL).  

Felicia Montoya

LMM_Felicia MontoyaFood Specialist Felicia Montoya from La Petite Academy #7280 in Bernalillo, NM sets a high standard for success when it comes to ensuring a well-run kitchen to prepare meals from the company’s delicious Grow Fit menu. Over the past half year, Ms. Felicia has trained six cooks within her District, setting each one on a path for success through her supportive mentoring. Along with carefully modeling best practices for them in her own school kitchen, she provides supportive guidance as she works closely with her colleagues in their school environments. Always ready to assist others, Ms. Felicia embodies the spirit of what the Lisa Miskimins Mentorship Award represents.    

Courtnee Stockman

LMM_Courtnee StockmanAs her District welcomed six newly acquired schools, Courtnee Stockman, Principal at Everbrook Academy #4601 in Woodbury, MN embraced the challenge of mentoring the Principals from these locations to ensure their success. Ms. Courtnee forged strong relationships with each of these leaders, drawing from her own expertise and experience to support them throughout the intricate acquisition process, tailoring her guidance to effectively meet their needs. Her leadership has been instrumental in enabling a smooth transition to LCG for school families and staff alike. Ms. Courtnee continues to have a profound positive impact as a mentor for her peers and with her own school team.