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It's Keen to Be Green — La Petite Academy Offers 10 Ways to Make a Difference

Novi, MI, March 3, 2011 – La Petite Academy — a leader in early education and child care with more than 500 schools across the country — is pleased to share ten tips to help make your family more environmentally conscious. You will not only be helping your child learn how to care for our Earth, but also teaching them the benefits of caring for others.

Engage your child into this “green” effort through the 3 R’s: re-using, reducing and recycling.


1. Save wrapping paper and greeting cards for art: On a rainy day, nothing passes time like a creative experience. Create a box with colorful papers, catalogs, scissors and glue and watch your child’s imagination take flight.

2. Find creative uses for mismatched socks: Socks can be used for things like cleaning rags, as homemade puppets, potpourri satchels, soft balls to throw inside, or a container to store loose parts. Instead of throwing away those socks that accumulate, see how many unique uses you can find.

3. Use dinnerware instead of plastics: Instead of using paper plates, and plastic silverware and cups, use utensils and dinnerware that can be washed. Family members can take turn washing dishes and you can even use green dish soap if possible.

4. Take objects to your child’s school: Most child care centers love household items that may no longer be of use in your home. For example, purses, pots, magazines, old phones, interesting cardboard containers, and even art prints can be used to enhance a child’s learning environment.


5. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth: Teach this behavior to your child and be a role model. Explain that you can help save three gallons of water a day.

6. Save electricity: Create a routine for your family that will help save electricity. Turn off lights when you leave a room. Don’t leave the television on when you aren’t watching. Unplug any appliance that isn’t at use. Let your children help as you move throughout the house.

7. Eat colorful meals: Help children learn about healthy eating through a variety of different colors of fruits and vegetables. When possible, buy fresh, organic produce or support local farmers in your community.


8. Make junk mail count: Work with your family to recycle junk mail on a weekly basis (be sure to remove any personal information first). Or, visit one of the “do not mail” websites and sign-up. Explain to your child the benefit of recycling and the trees they are helping to save.

9. Use empty soda bottles as planters: Poke some drainage holes in the bottom of a large plastic bottle, add some dirt and seeds, and create your own counter-top herb garden. Along with re-using raw materials, you are “greening” your kitchen.

10. Make it a competition: Pick a week and weigh the garbage that you throw away. Keep track of the amount. Make it a math exercise for your child. Set a goal for an ideal weight of garbage in one week. Reward yourselves with a family treat (maybe a fun-filled nature walk) when you reach your goal.

“While we strive to teach children to be kind to the environment in our schools, we believe it is also important for parents to understand the difference they can make at home as well,” said Marshall Whaling, Chief Operating Officer for La Petite Academy. “We hope families find these tips helpful and see that with a little extra effort, we can all help protect our environment — including children!”

If you have suggestions of your own or would like to share green efforts that your family already has in place, La Petite Academy would love to hear them. Please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LaPetiteAcademy to share your great ideas.

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