Learning Care Group News: October 26, 2011

Early Literacy Is a Top Priority for Parents of Young Children

Novi, MI — How do you know you’ve chosen the right path for your son or daughter’s success?  Every child is unique, and finding the right early education solution isn’t easy.  You know your child best. Is she comfortable with new situations, or cautious around strangers?  Does he enjoy activities for large groups, or does he prefer smaller group settings that are less overwhelming?  Is she always on the go, or does she enjoy playing quietly?  Envisioning your child in different care settings can help you determine the right fit for your family.

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Your child deserves a bright future.  With each new discovery he or she makes, you see the world of opportunities that lie ahead.  But all beginnings aren’t equal.  Countless studies show that high-quality early education has a profound and long-lasting impact – not just on later academic success, but on virtually every aspect of a person’s life.  As a parent, you want to ensure your child has outstanding care that helps him to reach his full potential.

All options aside, no matter which teaching discipline or curriculum you consider, the best early education providers have some very important factors in common.  Respect and emotional support.  A nurturing and stimulating environment.  A teacher who encourages your child’s curiosity.  An opportunity for your child to develop his or her own unique gifts.  And reading time every day – because a child who learns to love reading grows into an adult who loves to learn.

From the first days of a child’s life, muscles, skills, dispositions and brain functions are building to help the child become a strong reader and writer.  Reading is one of four critical components to literacy that’s refined during a child’s early years, along with oral language, understanding symbolism and writing.  The best early education providers help children gain understanding and capability in each of these factors, and guide them as they advance to the next stage of learning.  Plus, as a partner in your child’s educational experience, they provide guidance so you can help your child continue the learning process at home.

At Learning Care Group, we want to be part of your child’s road to discovery.  As you explore the web pages for our unique brands, you can find a school near you and schedule a tour to help make the choice that’s right for your family.  We look forward to being part of the journey.


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