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Childtime Learning Centers Shares Top Parent Resolutions for 2011

NOVI, Mich., December 1, 2010 – As the New Year approaches, people around the world are thinking about their resolutions for 2011. If you’re a parent, you want to be sure that you are doing everything possible to ensure your child’s success academically, socially, developmentally and emotionally.

With more than 275 early education and child care locations across the county, Childtime Learning Centers has the opportunity to talk with families daily. We are pleased to provide some of the top resolutions for parents in 2011.

1. I will give my child the gift of literacy. Experts agree, the most important thing you can do to help your child is read to him/her every day. Treasure these moments of togetherness and share in their excitement over a favorite book. Not only will you create memories, you will help your child develop the foundation for a love of reading.

2. I will help my family eat healthier. Suggestions include incorporating fruits and vegetables into daily meals. Have healthy snacks on hand at all times. Serve lean meats and other sources of protein. Suggest water over sugary beverages and try and keep fast food trips to a minimum. And remember, the best way to encourage healthy eating in your family is to be a great role model.

3. I will prioritize family time. Sitting around a table and eating together as a family has many benefits. Taking time to connect and share a meal helps create a strong family unit. Add in a weekly (or even monthly) game or movie night, and suddenly your family and the time you spend together is a priority for everyone.

4. We will go green. You don’t have to go extreme to make a difference. There are small things your family can do every day to help the environment. Teach your children how to recycle. Turn off lights when you leave a room or turn off water while brushing your teeth. Consider buying fresh, organic produce. Save used paper for scrap paper. Each will go a long way in preserving our plant for future generations.

5. I will help my family give back. Giving back can take many forms, including donating recyclables to a can drive, boxing up toys and used clothes for a resale shop, giving a donation of time and/or money to a worthy cause of your child’s choice. Discuss different ways with your family that you can make a difference.

6. I will create a sense of community for my child. It’s important to become a member of your child’s school community. Children feel more confident and comfortable in school when they feel their families are part of the experience. Chaperone a class field trip. Share a special interest or talent with the class. Donate objects from home to the classroom. Volunteer whenever possible. Whatever you choose to do, you can feel good knowing that your child will benefit in the long run.

7. Celebrate the successes. Parents can often be quick to point out the negative,but it is even more important to share in the positive. Whether it’s a great report card, a dance recital, an awesome art project or even just a great job on chores, take an opportunity to praise your child. Maybe have a special dinner, let them pick the movie on family night or even frame their accomplishment and hang it on a designated wall. Remember, taking the time to acknowledge these successes with your child means more than how you actually celebrate them.

8. I will make safety a priority. Every minute, 17 kids are seen in emergency rooms with unintentional injuries – that’s 9.2 million a year.* Take time in 2011 to safety-proof your home. Install safety latches on cabinets and drawers. Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove. Use safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs. Unplug hair dryers. Create a fire evacuation plan. Each small action you take will help make your home safer for you and your family.

“We have great relationships with our families and value the open dialogue we have with them regarding important parent issues,” said Scott Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer. “We are happy to share some of their suggestions for making 2011 the best year yet, because ultimately, it’s about doing what is best for the children.”

If you have great parenting resolutions of your own, Childtime would love to hear them. Please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Childtime to share your suggestions. Here is to a happy 2011!

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*Source: CDC Childhood Injury Report (2000-2006)


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