Prep Lab



Supporting our community means not just preparing young children to be ready for elementary school, but also to help keep learning on track when they become school-age students. That’s why we’re here for elementary school students all throughout the year.

Structured and supervised, our program supports school-age students and their families as they face any challenges and changes in their local school district. The Prep Lab is specially designed for elementary school students (ages 5 to 12). Our teachers have been trained to help children who are working remotely to:

  • Keep children engaged with their elementary school learning platform
  • Assist students with completing their daily elementary school assignments
  • Share challenging weekly STEM projects
  • Further social-emotional development with character-developing activities from our exclusive My Best Self! curriculum
  • Connect students with their school and teachers, as needed

Our flexible scheduling options include a new full-day option, so we’re here when families need us. Plus, we provide transportation to and from many elementary schools, with new procedures that ensure a clean, healthy, safe ride for children. Ask if your school is one of them.

Find your neighborhood school and tour today!