Additional Learning Resources

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Go online and get involved with these great resources.

All Ages:

  • GoNoodle: Movement and mindfulness videos great for brain breaks, active transitions, and keeping kids active.
  • ABCYa: Free educational computer games with hundreds of fun learning activities for Pre-K to grade 5. Children can save or print their work.
  • Brain Pop Jr.: This website is here to help you and your curious learners stay informed and on track with free access during school closures. The site features video, game, quiz, and activity sections for science, health, writing, reading, social studies, and math based on national education standards.
  • $5 Dinners: School Cancellation & Kids Cooking Lessons: The perfect school cancellation activity … learning to cook! Easy and fun cooking lessons for kids by Erin Chase & her boys. Watch all the episodes!
  • Carly's Kids Corner – Connecting you with nature: This site for kids is loaded with awesome games and activities that help you learn more about trees and why they’re so important to our world.
  • Learning Keeps Going - This site includes searchable free tools and services, resources for parents, plus ongoing live and recorded webinars for students, parents, and educators.


Use any device to keep children engaged, creating, and learning!

Preschool and Pre-K:

  • ChatterPix Kids: Bring photos to life through animations and sound! Create playful messages, creative cards, or even fancy book reports. Stay connected during social distancing.
  • Tiggly Chef Addition: Preschool Math Cooking Game: This free preschool math cooking game helps your child learn addition with drawings, verbal explanations, and math equations.
  • The Adventures of Super Stretch: Kids have fun and get fit learning yoga moves from animated characters.
  • Fit Brains for Kids: This app includes 200+ fun, healthy brain games for children ages 2 to 8. Explore visual perceptual skills, sequencing, short-term memory, matching, inference, visual discrimination, and comparing and contrasting. Free version or monthly subscription available.
  • Endless Numbers: Kids have a blast learning number recognition, sequences, quantity, numerical patterns, and simple addition with adorable monsters. Numbers come alive in short animations that provide context and meaning. Five numbers are free; additional Number Packs available for purchase.
  • Musical Paint for Kids: Musical Paint is a creative app that gives kids the power to paint music. This app, designed for young children, allows for endless creative possibilities.

School Age:

  • Daisy the Dinosaur: Children 5 years and up discover the elements of coding, from basic to complex, with simple steps such as move, spin, jump, and roll.
  • Division for Kids: Children ages 6-12 can practice division with three levels of worksheets: Easy, Medium, and Hard.
  • Flow Free: Flow Free® is a simple, yet addictive, puzzle game. Connect matching colors with pipes to create a Flow®. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap!
  • Figure:Figure makes it easy to create great-sounding music in seconds. Download synth, bass, and percussion tracks with a few simple steps, then tweak rhythm, tempo, and other elements.  
  • Awesome Eats: Kids have fun and practice healthy food choices by sorting, stacking, packing, and plating a rainbow of fresh-from-the-garden foods! And then, recycle items after lunch!
  • Sky Guide: Sky Guide makes stargazing simple! Just hold your device overhead to automatically find stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and more. Free trial version available; full version available for a fee.

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