b'EARLY CARE AND EDUCATION CONSORTIUM (ECEC)Were a proud member of this nonprofit alliance of multi-state/multi-sitechild care providers, key state child care associations, and premiereducational service providers. The voice of more than 7,000 programs and nearly 1 million children, ECEC advocates for expanded access and affordability in early childhood programs. Our CEO Mark Bierley serves on their board and LCG has a leadership position on their Safety Council.CO LCG IS PROUEDUCATION BE NSECUTIVE YE D OF THREEOur in-house Education team of curriculum and implementationST MANAGE ARS OFRO D COM N THE USexperts, supports our educators to provide personalized learningM DE PANIEE LOITTE PRIVATE ANTH S LISTand a whole child focus. To be school ready, each child developsWALL STREE DT JOURa range of both academic and life skills. NAL. INDICATORS IN THESE 10 AREAS HELP US MEASURE AND SUPPORT A CHILDS PROGRESS .Our curriculum approach is inspired by the little learners in our care. Heres how this unique, three-step educational approach comes to life:AwareWe observe and assesseach child to learn theirinterests and needs.Care ShareWe use our observations andWe communicate each childs assessments to plan a curriculumlearning and classroom customized to each child. experiences with families.DATA-DRIVEN AND CHILD-FOCUSEDOur proprietary digital lesson planning tool, Learning Care System (LCS), was designed in partnership with Assessment Technology, Inc. (ATI), a leading provider of assessment, curriculum, and reporting services. LCS offers more than 10,000 unique activities, empowering our educators to generate customized curriculum based on what each child is ready to learn. BECAUSE NO TWO CHILDREN ARE THE SAME, YOULL FIND THAT NO TWO CLASSROOMS ARE ALIKE.'