b'Working Parenthood By the NumbersMany families face challenging choices when it comes to child care. Choosing a high-quality licensed facility that meets their care and educational needs often strains financial resources.Child care is often the second largest household expense after rent or mortgage. Slate.com found62% of American parents have a hard time finding and affording high-quality child care. Theres more:30% 78% 96%30% of highly educated 78% of those who drop out96% of parents say high potential Americanof the workforce cite thegovernment and business women drop out of thelack of decent child care asleaders should financially workforce each year. the reason for their decision.support child care.*This is where we come in. Learning Care Group (LCG) is here to support working families and ensure that you are an employer of choice. For more than 30 years, weve proudly partnered with companies of all sizes to provide much-needed, high-quality child care benefits.Your employees work for their childrens future. So do we.We became an industry leaderand the second-largest AMONG ALL WORKING PARENTS national providerby building strong connections with DI WITH CHILDREN UNDER AGE 18, every child, family, community, and client. MORE THAN HALF (56%) SAY IT IS JO FFICULT FOR THEM TO BALANTHE RESPONSIBILITIE CE B WITH TH S OE RESPONSIBI F THEIR THEIR FAMI LITIES OF - RAISING KI LY.A HOUSEHO DS AND RUNNING PAR LD: HENTS SHAR OW WORKING PEW RESE E THE LOAD,ARCH CENTER*Parents worried pandemic will only exacerbate child care cost crisis by Caitlin Mullen, Bizwomen Blog, Birmingham Business Journal, July 2020.'