b'Northview Church is enjoyinga strong, beneficial partnership withLearning Care Group and its Pathways Learning Academy, at its Binford Church Campus.Northview has found Pathways to be a great complement to its mission and outreach in the surrounding community. Stories and experiencesfrom families and kids positively impacted,supported, and served by Pathways makes thisa unique, meaningful, rewarding endeavor.Mike Crull, Operations Pastor, Northview ChurchClick HERE to view an inside look at the developmentof a Pathways Learning Academy with our partnersat Northview Church of Indiana.866.829.0027partnerships@learningcaregroup.comLearningCareGroup.com/PathwaysLearning Care Group, Inc. and its institutions are equal opportunity providers. 2022 Learning Care Group (US) No. 2 Inc. B2B78'