b'CONNECT WITH YOUR COMMUNITY.Are you a nonprofit, church, religious, or community organization looking to create a sustainable revenue stream and build a meaningful connection with your community? Pathways Learning Academy is our special STEAM-inspired preschool that offers a 21 stcentury learning journey, grounded in nurturing care, experienced teachers, and quality curriculum.Our Pathways partnership model enables you to maximize use of your own facilities and generate incremental, long-term revenue. LCG operates the facility Monday to Friday, with the space available to your organization on weekends, for additional utilization opportunities.All this plus our large network of support roles and resources directly sets us apart from our competitors. Were ready to maintain the highest quality standards for your school, to ensure ongoing operational success, and to build a rewarding, long-term partnership.FAITH EXPERIENCESPathways Learning Academy was designed to start your child on the right path to be best prepared for kindergarten and beyond. And while we offer a secular curriculum and learning experiences, when a Pathways Learning Academy is located within a faith-based environment, there may be opportunities for short ministry-led lessons during the day.EDUCATIONOur in-house Education team of curriculum andimplementation experts, supports our educators toprovide personalized learning and a whole child focus.To be school ready, each child develops a range ofboth academic and life skills.INDICATORS INTHESE 10 AREAS AwareHELP US MEASUREAND SUPPORT A We observe and assessCHILDS PROGRESS . each child to learn theirinterests and needs.Our curriculum approach is inspired by the littleCare Share learners in our care. Heres how this unique, three-step educational approach comes to life: We use our observations We communicate eachand assessments to plan childs learning anda curriculum customized classroom experiencesto each child. with families.DATA-DRIVEN AND CHILD-FOCUSEDOur proprietary digital lesson planning tool, Learning Care System (LCS), was designed in partnership with Assessment Technology, Inc. (ATI), a leading provider of assessment, curriculum, and reporting services. LCS offers more than 10,000 unique activities, empowering our educators to generate customized curriculum based on what each child is ready to learn. BECAUSE NO TWO CHILDREN ARE THE SAME, YOULL FIND THAT NO TWO CLASSROOMS ARE ALIKE.'