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Child Care Tuition Discount

little girl on playground Our tuition discount programs offer a number of preferred pricing models based on the specific needs of each corporate partner. These models frequently include an arrangement in which employees receive reduced tuition at our network of more than 900 community schools. This can be combined with employer-sponsored subsidy programs that we manage on your behalf.

Our account management team creates an efficient process that is timely, accurate, auditable, and part of a monthly reporting package that is customizable based on individual customer needs.

In areas of high demand, where an employer may want to reserve a specific number of spaces in one or more of our community schools, we offer programs tailored to that employer’s unique needs and include additional benefits that may include:

  • Priority positioning on any school wait list
  • Reduced registration fees
  • Monthly reporting of enrollment levels by school

We assist in the development of these programs by working collaboratively to understand employee and market demographics, demand projections, and proximity of our locations to employee residences and work locations. This process often starts with our assistance in the development of employee surveys, analysis of survey results, and creation of a tuition discount model that includes not only price modeling, but also mapping of demand by geographic area.

Employer Sponsored Tuition Subsidy

We know child care is often one of the largest expenses for a family. To truly make child care affordable for your employees, you can consider participating in our employer tuition subsidy program. To assist in this process, we will carefully analyze discount opportunities for your organization based on financial targets and potential utilization.

For example, one of our partners, a major technology organization, subsidizes 20% of tuition for their employees. Combined with the LCG discount, these employees receive 30% off tuition.

There are many benefits to employer-sponsored child care, such as:

  • Creating the opportunity for employee retention
  • Attracting new hires with an appealing child care offer
  • Enhancing the work-life balance for employees
  • Providing choices to employees that work in various locations (even across the country)
  • Enabling flexible scheduling opportunities

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